Created by Conservationists, Inspired by Nature.

Baja Wildlife Diaries is dedicated to responsibly sharing the beautiful wildlife of this desert peninsula that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California [also known as the Sea of Cortez] in Mexico.

Our team consists of knowledgeable marine biologist guides that are passionate about our unique environment. Our trips emphasize sustainable and responsible use of our natural resources and conservation thereof through awareness and education as well as sound operating practices.

Our wildlife encounters are focused in the peninsula’s southern state of Baja California Sur where you can join us for gray whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, world class scuba diving, sea lion encounters, island trips, hiking, camping and multi-day wildlife expeditions. Being the Gulf of California, we sometimes encounter several other species of whales including humpback and finback as well as pods of bottlenose dolphins and schools of rays.

We gear all of our trips to contribute in some way to the protection of the species and habitats that we visit. This is acheived by gathering useful data, providing awareness and education to guests and to the community or by direct donations to worthy local conservation, restoration or wildlife rescue initiatives.